holiday activities


Here are just a handful of suggestions of things to see and do during your visit.

You will find more information at the house. For tutored holiday activities use the following link.

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Created by Leigh Wright & Diana Flanagan - Owners Casa Leana

Address: Barliano,  n°116 - 52031 Anghiari Ar                                                                              

Photography by Rob Moles

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Tutored Photography Classes.

Another great class for the budding photographers among you. Again, I cannot think of a better place to take amazing photographs. Our award winning English photographer will give you the best tips on how to take that once in a lifetime photograph. All lessons are on location either in this area or further afield. Beginners right through to the more experienced are welcome. What a great memento of your stay would that perfect photograph make? Prices from €115 pp for a half day lesson.