fiat 500 experience

Our vintage fiat 500

Why not try an unforgettable road trip through the Tuscan countryside in a beautiful vintage Fiat 500?

It has to be one of the most fun and most Instagram-able things you could possibly do during your stay!

Our tiny car is so iconic that driving around in it attracts as much attention as a minor celebrity and with your very own chauffeur, you will certainly feel like one!

Spend the morning or afternoon with our knowledgeable driver stopping off in the local hilltop towns for refreshments along the way.  Or how about a romantic evening return trip to a local restaurant of your choice?

Please email us for further details. 

Created by Leigh Wright & Diana Flanagan - Owners Casa Leana

Address: Barliano,  n°116 - 52031 Anghiari Ar                                                                              

Photography by Rob Moles

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