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Distances from Italian airports to Casa Leana


Perugia - 74 kilometres (46 miles)

Florence - 108 kilometres (67 miles)

Rimini - 139 kilometres (87 miles)

Bologna - 176 kilometres (109 miles)

Ancona - 191 kilometres (119 miles)

Pisa - 206 kilometres (128 miles)

Rome - 264 kilometres (164 miles)

Airlines flying from the UK 

The following is a small selection of airlines that fly from the UK to Italian airports which are within easy access of Casa Leana. Please note that these routes are subject to change.


Gatwick to Bologna

Gatwick to Pisa

Gatwick to Rome


Birmingham to Florence


British Airways

Gatwick to Pisa

Gatwick to Bologna

Gatwick to Rome

Heathrow to Rome

Gatwick to Florence


Stansted to Rome

Stansted to Pisa

Stansted to Perugia

Stansted to Ancona

Stansted to Rimini


Gatwick to Florence



Manchester to Pisa

Manchester to Rome

E.Midlands to Pisa

Leeds/Bradford to Pisa

Leeds/Bradford to Rome

Glasgow to Rome

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